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The single largest provider of red sandal farming has generated 10,000 acres of the mega project, and it is one and only one company which successfully completed 6 ventures in 850 acres of space


Investment on Red sandal plants  is a good return for future generations,

Less investment …. more income,


Once invested for 10 generations of investment.

 25 cents : 6 lacks 50 Thousand (100 plants) 10 tons
 1/2 acre : 13 lacks                        (200 plants) 20 tonnes
 1 acre     : 26 lacks                        (400 plants) 40 tonnes.

  •  1 liter per ton comes with 5 liters of oil (Terroceribil) 1 liter oil rate


  1. 2 crore 50 lakhs. Can earn a high income from 8 years.
  2. 1 plant comes to cutting 3 times,
  3. Then we will remove it and grow a new plants,
  4. The safety and security of the company will take care of the plant until the harvest is cut.
  5.  Insurance for each plant that is 5 years old.
  6. 1 ton government rate of 52 lakhs,
  7.  Market worth of 2 crores.
  8. Customer is 60%
  9. For company it is 40%
  10. Each venture will be set up by the consumer and there are 6 directors provided  by the company for 15                      customers.
  11. Form all over the world we can see the exclusive plantation and growth of red sandal in Nellore, Chittoor, Anantapur and Kadapa district is only present.
  12. Every bit of the world
  13. 5 lakh tonnes is needed but the growth rate is 50,000 tonnes only.
  • The land is registered in your name and the customer is given the book by the author of the booklet as a farmer.
  • In Red sandal  Plantation, it is one of  the world’s largest provider with 6 ventures in 850 acres with over 16 years of experience.

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