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RK Farmlands from Kanigiri to Bengaluru highway Want to be a millionaire it’s the best project highlights- industrial hub, highway road phase, nearby colleges. Moreover Sandal Wood plants, better investment, Government approved project with 246 acres close to venkatapeta

These wood could be a category of woods from trees. These woods area unit significant, yellow, and fine-grained, and, not like several alternative aromatic woods, they keep their fragrance for many years. Sandal Wood Oil is extracted from the woods to be used.Sandal wood is that the second-most over priced wood within the world, These wood and also the oil turn out a particular fragrance that has been extremely valued for hundreds of years.

The Sandalwoods we grow are medium-sized trees Notable members of this group are Indian sandalwood 

We Produce commercially valuable sandalwood with high levels of fragrance oils . We grow Sadal Wood  trees to be a minimum of 15 years old the age at which they will be harvested in INDIA – the yield, quality and volume are still to be clearly understood. Yield of oil tends to vary depending on the age and location of the tree; usually, the older trees yield the highest oil content and quality.

Sandalwood is pricey compared to different sorts of woods, there fore to maximise profit, wood is harvested by removing the whole tree rather than sawing it down at the trunk on the brink of ground level. This manner we tend to grow wood from the stump and root, that possesses high levels of wood oil,can also be processed or Sold.

About Rk farmlands

Welcome to Rk Farmlands, area unit a wherever your dreams concerning the land are was a reality. we have a tendency of into this business since 2012 to cater to our purchasers with error-free and correct solutions. The important Estate business has baby-faced an amazing boom within the country within the past years

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